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The quality of work you find on this site can’t be achieved in one single session. This kind of work needs to be done in layers that would do visible, irreversible damage to the skin and tattoo if done at once. 
If you are looking to get a one shot piece out of me, it can be done but certain concessions have to be made. Be it in detail or color variety. If you are looking to get more done, faster, ask me for Black & Grey work.

In the last few years I almost exclusively worked with customers who requested large pieces.
This led me to come up with a strategy that ensures a high level of quality and detail without compromising on healing results and unnecessarily spent hours of tattooing. 

Normally planning large work like this requires a personal consultation, in order to make proper judgments on the extend of the work and of course to arrive at an appropriate quote. It is difficult to estimate exact durations with such large pieces, however, and in many cases this is related to factors that i can't predict from a distance. 

In many cases a preceding meeting is not possible since most of my clientele is travelling longer distances to me. This is one of the reasons why I had to come up with an approach that not only allows me to get better results but also includes my client in the developmental process of the design. This cuts down on the amount of travel my clients have to do throughout a project and ensures that everybody is happy with the results. Hopefully you will conclude that the outcome will be worth traveling for. 

I split large work up into multiple stages: 
The first stage is called  Design & Foundation (DnF) in which we design the piece and commit a strong foundation to skin.
After this we will have as many Color & Detail (CnD) sessions as we need to complete the piece. 
The spacing and duration of the CnD sessions are determined by the same specifications as the DnF stage: 

  • size and complexity of the piece 
  • personal preference of myself and the client
  • distance travelled

Detailed rundown of a typical DnF:

On day one I meet up with my client to get acquainted and talk about ideas. We will collect reference material and create a map to collect and sort everything we need for inspiration.
This will help me understand the other person's taste and preferences and inspires me to start one or more communicative sketches.
Once we made the most important decisions like depth, flow, mood and impact I will start to immerse myself into the design process. I design almost exclusively digitally and don't need my client to stay with me the whole time.

Design can take multiple days during which clients can hang out with me or use the free time on this first trip to explore Berlin which is within reach of public transport. 
I will provide updates at all key stages of the project and keep up the feedback loop. Normally this takes 1-3 days (Mon-Wed) after which we tattoo for 2-3 days (Thu-Sat).
This concludes the DnF stage and after a healthy healing period of 3-6 weeks we can proceed with CnD.

On big pieces like i.e. full sleeves, the best way to work is to tattoo 2-4 days successively, to cover as much skin as we can. Sounds brutal but this is a place of tranquility and I literally never had problems reaching our goals. There is no pressure to outperform ourselves and i will only help, never force. 

I will send you an even more detailed writeup of this including a pricing example so you can get a better idea of the cost of your project. Just use the ccontact form to send me a mail. 


 You will have high expectations, but so do I: 

I will not start a bigger piece without a chance to finish it. I will demand a deposit payment which is not refundable and goes towards the last session instead the first. 
I don't take shortcuts that would harm the longevity and quality of my work.
I am trying to be as honest and upfront about the way I work as possible in order to keep a relaxed and trustworthy atmosphere. I expect you to uphold the same standards. 
I work with an hourly rate of 180€/h. If any project takes much longer than my previous estimation, I will always strive to find a fair solution. 
I am only available through eMail for all new customers and do not publish a phone number or address on my site for reasons I have further outlined in the "about" section of this site. 

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