about me and what got me here


My name is Markus Lenhard. I live and work in Berlin / Germany. 
I am a professional Tattoo Artist since 2003 and specialize in abstract visualizations of nature and technology.
I am teaching design, creativity and workflow seminars since 2014.

Please be aware that the work you see here takes a certain amount of time to conceptualize and finish. I try to only show healed and settled work in high detail in order to give you a realistic idea about what to expect. 

I am a firm believer that custom tattoo work and fine art should not be duplicated. Especially within the same industry/medium. Always remember to use other artists work as an inspiration and never for duplication.

At this point I'd like to thank all my clients, who helped me to get to this point. Any artist is worthless without a canvas. I am very proud of the diversity of my clientele and have been honored by people who travel from all corners of the world and brought the most stimulating conversations into my life. Thx for all the patience and commitment! My world would be tiny without you. 

For all those of you who think about travelling to Germany to get tattooed by me: Please contact me with any questions. 90% of my clientele has to travel long distances I have a lot of experience in that regard and how to get a lot done in a given amount of time. 
Through the years, my custom style has become in demand in a way I never thought was possible. Although I am infinitely grateful for the attention and confirmation i am getting, I just cannot handle everyone's requests and messages and have to filter them in all ways i imagine are fair and just.

Check out the "How" page for more information.

Due to the elaborate and time consuming way I design my concepts, I am not much for working conventions or on the road. Although this happens every year, these travels are intended as creative journeys on which i work on ongoing projects to make ends meet. Starting new projects can only happen within certain restrictions which i am not happy with most of time. 
Sorry, but I am much more comfortable in my studio and you would be too. So lets figure out a trip to Germany for you! I am on a tight schedule with my clients and want to guarantee privacy and a relaxed atmosphere at the studio. Those of you who know me and have worked with me, know and appreciate this.

I work in my home studio where I live with my family. For this and other obvious reasons, you will not find an address or phone number on this site. I will happily share both with you once we have made further plans over e-mail. Thanks for your attention and I hope to hear about your ideas and plans in the future!


On to the HOW page...

On to the HOW page...